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Smaller streams give Southern Swedish Highlands

The intimate trout fishing that puts your skills on the edge.
__________________ It's sometimes said that the province of Småland in southern Sweden is a "Lapland" in miniature. That is to say, the characteristics of the forest lands of northern Sweden can also be found in the highlands of southern Sweden around Sävsjö.

The Lapland of the South

And certainly the lakes are myriad, the conifer forest deep and the swamp and moss lands like "Store Mosse" are familiar from parts further north, with both cloud berries and wild rosemary growing there in good years. Elk and roe deer thrive for the joy for hunters in almost troublesome numbers here. Also the fox is on the increase and there are innumerable hares for the benefit of fly tiers with hares-ear nymph on their menu. The osprey is often seen circling hunting for food for its young. This is the area where stalking a trout can be so rewarding.


The "Vrigstadortens Fiskevårdsområde" offers year-round sport fishing in an area that covers about 380ha of lakes and streams where the major southern Swedish rivers have there sources. Famed rivers like River EM, River Mörrum, River Lagan and River Nissan. But also the lakes offer a thrilling challenge. Lakes like Slättsjön, Lundholmssjön, Pelikroken, Högebrosjön, Franssjön, Hålsjön, Sunnerbysjön, Kyrkarps- sjön, Storån, Storsjön and Lillesjön can be a true adventrure fishing pike on the fly. A special map is available for this fishing area.

Fish Species:Brown trout from the River Lagan Tributaries

Apart from the brown trout in the brooks and rivers, there are pike, perch, zander, burbot, eel, bream, dace and roach. Many of them a thrill to take on fly too.

Fishing permits:

All fishing arranged by the Southern Lapland River Guides naturally include the fishing permits for the agreed period. But normally a-day license for non salmonid fishing is about SEK 30:- per person. One week SEK 75:- per person. Season permit SEK 150:-. per person. Year-round license SEK 250:- per person. Angling is free for children 15 years old or younger.

Of course the brown trout is regarded the number one fish, but also the nordic pike is also famed especially caught on a huge tinsel dressed fly. Also the zander has readily been caught on fly. But perch, bream together with the tench are the coarse angler's favorites.

In these regions, where the little red cabin near the lake is so often the visitors prime objective, the angler also seeks his specimen fish. Also international finals in fishing competitions have been held here. But even if most visitors prefer spinning, using ultra-light spinning gear or bait casting to challenge the wily pike or zander "thunder" more and more fly fishers have aquired the skill to challenge the evasive brown trout in the intimite streams.The guide suggests -not without cause- changing to a stronger leader than is usually used. Pike is a giant fish on the flyA zander may weigh between 11 and 18 pounds and is rather strong. Whereas a pike of the same weight is even more tenacious. Steel trace is recommended closest to the fly.

See you on the Waters!

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