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The SLRG-Championship guides

Sweden was the host of the 2001 FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Competition between 14 and 21 August.

The Southern Lapland River Guides were engaged by six teams to prepare them for the comp. Unfortunately it was our lodging only that set the limit to our possibilities to aid more teams.

However the teams from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA and South Africa were pleased with the arrangement. Even if the Irish team preferred other accomodation they choose to be served by our guides.

The championship was fished on three rivers: Vindelälven, Malån and Skeppträskån. The two lakes: Sörsjön and Hocksjön offered lake fishing venues. The competitors fished one beat on each water.

The competition sessions were divided into six sections of three hours. Each competitor fished five out of the six sections. Before the competition started, the competitors had two days for official practice: August 15 and 16. Before that all teams had to prepare on their own for the competition.

While all in all ten teams choose local guides for their preparation prior to the competition, the Southern Lapland River Guides were choosen by six teams to help them prepare. The teams were: Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Ireland and the team from South Africa participating for the first time in the World Fly Fishing Competition. While being so far from their home waters and in strange surroundings, many of their members still managed very good placings. For example the best South African individual angler won a second place and the best angler in the Aussie team a 5th.

The competition was based in Lycksele which is 1,5 hours drive from Umeå and about 1-1,5 hours drive from the competition rivers. Some of the practice rivers were closer though. Although the teams within the Southern Lapland River Guides Program, had no longer than a half hour to any practice water.

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