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A Pearl in the mountains for fly fishing

Ältsån in the Hemavan Mountains _____________________________

The region around Hemavan was the last part of Sweden to be colonized by the Swedes. The first settler arrived in 1824. Sapmi people though, have existed and lived in the area for hundreds of years. And there were no roads until the 1930-s. The largest natural preserve of Northern Europe is found in this area.


Hemavan is located in the mountains of Southern Lapland in typical alp country next to the Norwegian border. Its geographic position offers opportunity for gamefishing in both countries.

Pure water, clean air and a rich wildlife distinguish this region. It is a vast highland of open, unspoiled nature, Bare mountains have clusters of stunted birch on lower elevations. The ground is a solid moorland with soft marshes around lakes and meandering streams. Reindeer wandering at will on snowy patches is a common sight.


The main attraction is brown trout and arctic char. Fishing for sea-trout and salmon on Norway's Atlantic coast is an interesting alternative only just an hour away.

The fishing methods used at Hemavan are flyfishing and spinning. A popular variation is the locally accepted way of angling without a float and with the bait trailing the bottom.


In this endless wilderness of innumerable lakes and water courses that look confusingly alike, much of the fishing is guided. For this reason fishing in the company of others is recommended.

Hemavan is easily reached by car. Visitors arriving by private or charter aircraft may land at the airfield in Hemavan. Regular flights land at Mo i Rana in Norway or at Gunnarn in Sweden, a distance from Hemavan of 90 km and 170 km respectively. But Hemavan Airport will shortly also be opened for regular flights.

Fishing season:

The summer fishing season normally reaches from midsummer until
Sept 15. In the height of summer water levels may rise, making lake fishing predominant until August. Larger lakes at higher elevations are sometimes frozen right up until July. Streamfishing gets better towards the end of the season. Ice fishing wintertime continues with excellent sport from the freeze-up till around June 25.

The Fishery:

Ältsvatsån is located between Tärnasjön and Nedre Ältsvattnet and is a stream with both calm and swift water. The best fishing here is in August. There are mumerous tarns on the south side of the district. Fishing is restricted with only 50 permits available.

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