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Nicke Romanenko
Sweden's International fly angler and creator of the ever useful nymph Taxen, has together with Harry competed in many of the World Fly fishing competitions they both fished since 1989. Nicke is a certified instructor of the Swedish Sportfishing Federation. Nicke's favorite fish is brown trout.
Nicke is a member of the Orvis Pro Guide program

e-mail: Nicke

Calle Holmqvist
The first certified A.P.G.A.I. instructor in Scandinavia. Fishes for Atlantic salmon in the river Ätran and sea-trout in the salt on the Swedish west coast during spring and fall. The summer months are spent flyfishing for Atlantic salmon in the river Byske and the Repparfjordelva in northern Norway. Carl says that he has a few battles with grayling in the Piteälven and chases pike with his flyrod, too. Instructor in Al Caucci's flyfishing schools on the Delaware river, Pennsylvania, USA in 2000.

e-mail: Calle
Martin Johansson
Martin Johansson is a passionate fly angler from Umeå. He has been fly fishing more than 30 years. Raised just a few fly casts from the river Sävarån, he has a profound knowledge of angling for grayling. Yearly he also fly fish for salmon and sea trout in the river Stabburselv, Finnmark, Norway where sea living alpine char is one of his favorite fish. He´s company Nordic Flyfishing, offers any fly fishing arrangement in the Southern Lapland area surrounding Umeå.
e-mail: martin
Mats Johansson
Details coming soon

e-mail: mats@
Per Brännström
Born in 1960 Per has been fly fishing since his teens. He is an avid photographer and together with his brother Niklas he manages the company HB Flugfiske-Media. Per is often engaged as a fly fishing instructor and has a special crush on fishing for Atlantic salmon in the many rivers surrounding his home in Umeå. However his long experience with a fly rod in hand, also in other parts of the world, has given Per a taste for fishing just any species of fish on fly. Per is a member of the Orvis Pro Guide program.

e-mail: Per

Sean Andrews
Professional fly tyer. Works winter season in New Zealand guiding and fly tying. Since this season living in England.


Harry Salmgren
Founded Top 10 Fishing Sweden in 1994. Captain of the Swedish International Fly Fishing team for many years. Together with Nicke he has competed in the World Fly Fishing Comp since 1989.Harry is a certified instructor of the Swedish Sportfishing Federation and has instructed in Game Fairs and in fly fishing schools. Harry's favorite fish is grayling, The Lady of the Stream. Harry is member of the Orvis Pro Guide Program and Swedish secretary for the Grayling Society.
Phone: +46(0) 709 309 909

e-mail: Harry

Anders Boström
The Southern Lapland River Guides Client Phycician. Anders is an avid fly angler. In 1989 he was one of the International controllers in the World Fly Fishing Comp in Kuusamo, Finland. He is employed by the Lycksele Regional Town Hospital as Chief Surgeon.
Anders favorite fish is char.

e-mail: Anders

Mikael Puhakka
has been a professional fishing guide since 1998. If you like spinning, trolling, jerkbait, live/deadbait, ice fishing, specimen fishing and carp fishing. Also other fishing of interest. Mikael provides all fishing gear, rescue overalls and food. His boat is fully equipped GPS, VHF, trolling rigs etc. Guides in the Stockholm Archipelago, Vänern, Vättern and Mälaren.

e-mail: Mikael




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