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Fishing Camp in Swedish Lapland

Tjuonajokk is one of Sweden's best known fishing camps. The camp lies on the Kaitum River between Kiruna and Gällivare,120 km north of the Arctic Circle. From the airport in Kiruna You now fly directly to the camp in a helicopter. Previously there was a short car transfer to Rakkuri, where float plane takes you right to the camp.

The Fishery:

The camp is within walking distance of the rapids called "Pissfallet". The rapids are just below the lower Kaitum lake. The most convenient way to get to the best fishing spots is to use a hired boat, complete with a professional guide. You may fish the lakes from a boat. River fishing is permitted only from the banks though. Wading is also allowed.

Fishing methods vary, but fly fishing is increasingly popular. Favourite flies of the region are Superpuppa, Black Gnat and Double Legs. A skating fly attracts the grayling. The average weight is1.5 lbs. Fish twice that size have been taken, the record being 5.5 lbs. Fishing under the midnight sun may reward you with large fish quite close to the river bank. Especially during warm weather when the water rises and gets colder from the melting snow. Then the big grayling seek new areas to feed in that hours ago have been on dry land.


During a week´s fishing it's possible to catch grayling, white fish, brown trout and arctic char in the river. Lake fishing offers good chances of catching large browns or arctic char. Weight around 11 or 7 pounds respectively. Lake Läffa not far from the camp is known for its big pike that are such a thrill to catch on fly.

The Camp:

The magnificient view of Sweden's highest peak Kebnekajse, will make nature lovers feel they are in their right element. The area is rich with wildlife and the local reindeer population adds a special touch to the stay at the camp.

In Tjuonajokk's self-catering cabins you can cook your own meals, dry your clothes, rest and relax. The main lodge, which by the way is fully licensed, has a large dining-room and is the ideal place for get-togethers, meetings, slide shows, etc.

The inevitable sauna is placed only a few steps from the lake. From its large windows or porch you can enjoy a captivating view of the mountain range - a sauna not only for the body, but for the soul as well!
































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