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These were the Competition Waters to be prepared for in the championship 2001

Vindelälven, Malån and Skeppträskån, and the two lakes: Sörsjön and Hocksjön.


night fishing can be rewarding

Rivers Vindelälven, Malån and Skeppträskån

Set in the semi-mountainous area between the Swedish alps and the coast the three rivers are quite different from each other. Malån is a fairly slow flowing river characterized by riffly runs and pools. With a rock and gravel bottom the river provides a mixture of slightly weedy quieter areas and faster rocky broken water supporting both grayling and brown trout. Skeppträskån could be described in similar terms, while Vindelälven is much bigger and stronger with very varying characteristics. There are fast rocky rapids with pocket waters and pools. In many views a huge, hard fished river and very hard to wade.

In August the grayling normally are up and feeding well on a variety of sedges while the brown trout are hunting for prey fish. Best flies include: Super Pupa, Red Tag, Elk Hair Caddis, Streaking Caddis and various nymphs like Hares Ear, also a variety of streamers.

Lake Sörsjön and Lake Hocksjön

Boat fishing:
Similar waters although the smaller Lake Sörsjön has discrete bays that especially around midsummer produce E.Vulgata hatches. But during most of the fishing season, depending on the summer, numerous insects are hatching. Lake Sörsjön has brown trout with the average browns around 3 pound, but browns around 4-6 pounds are not uncommon.Floating aid is always needed when boat fishing

The much larger Lake Hocksjön has some nice bays and the shorelines and points are inhabited by numerous hefty browns. Best flies for both lakes include: Woolly Worms, Streaking Caddis, Ombudsman, various Nymphs and numerous midge and streamer/lure patterns.

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