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Our Crew and the Waters

As previously said, we in the Southern Lapland River Guides know the fishing: from the secret creeks of the Highlands of Southern Sweden, from the giant sea trout in famed River EM to the salmon streams of the coastal Lapland and the char lakes in the alps, we've been there and can put together a trip for you that forever will remind you of our service. Our motto is that we'll plan every aspect of your trip as if we were going there ourselves.

taking the right help

In the Southern Lapland River Guides we make your destination our Goal.

There are numerous waters for fly fishing in Scandinavia. Within our crew in the Southern Lapland River Guides we are well prepared to help you fish in any of our destinations. You will be able to find specialists on salmon fishing, grayling fishing, wet and dry fly fishining, short line nymphing.. well you name it. This will enshure you of getting exactly the help you need to satisfy your fly fishing adventure.

As an exemple here below the local venues we used within our World Fly Fishing Prep Programs in 2001 in Southern Swedish Lapland. They were successfully used by the teams and represent a cross section of the venues that were used in the competition:

Bjurholm/Lycksele area - the River Örån (Öreälven), Lögde River, The Creek Paubäcken and Wolf River.

Åsele/Lycksele area - Lake Rödingträsket.

Lycksele/Robertsfors area - The River Rickleå, River Sävarån.

Bjurholm/Nordmaling area - the River Hörneå, with some general info here on the area.

Sorsele/Sandsjö area guided by Magnus Bidner - the River Laisan, Juktån and Stora Harrträsket.

Vindeln/Åmsele area - the River Åman, Vindelälven.
The SLRG physician fishes the Rickleå

See you on the waters!

Southern Lapland River Guides:
Nicke Romanenko, Guide
Calle Holmqvist, Guide
Per Brannstrom, Guide
Mats Johansson, Guide
Martin Johansson, Guide
Sean Andrews, Guide and Professional Fly Tier
Harry Salmgren, Guide and Coordinator
Anders Boström, The SLRG Client Physician, the Hospital in Lycksele.
( Anders fishing in Rickleå - photo above right )

For contact by phone or mail, please use GSM: +46 (0) 709 309 909
or email to: salmgren@flyfish.pp.se

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