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Recommended Fly Tackle

From the secret creeks of the Highlands of Southern Sweden, from the giant sea trout in famed River EM to the salmon streams of the coastal Lapland and the char lakes in the alps, we've been there and can put together a trip for you that forever will remind you of our service. Our motto is that we'll plan every aspect of your trip as if we were going there ourselves.





Therefore we suggest you have a small look at our recommendations below to see if we need to help you further with your equipment prior to your stay with us.


A small tackle guide for Southern Swedish Lapland

Small to medium River fishing tackle for grayling and brown trout in rivers like Malån, Skeppträskån, Vargån and rivers in the mountains like Vojmån, Juktån etc. :

7.5-9 foot rod, 3/4/5 weight, floating and intermediate lines. Short line nymphing techniques are especially effective. Dry flies and bead head flies especially valuable depending on season, weather and time.

Medium River fishing tackle for most of the grayling and brown trout fishing in rivers like Örån, Lögdeån, Rickleån and Hörneån :

8.5-9 foot rod, 4/5 weight, floating and intermediate lines fished upstream, across and down.

Medium River fishing tackle for most of the Sea trout fishing in rivers like River Lögde, River Byske Rickleån and Hörneån:

9-9,5 foot rod, 6/8 weight line, floating, intermediate, slow sink and rapid sink lines fished across and downstream. (Although two handed 13-14 foot #8 rods and heavier are normally used for Atlantic salmon and sea trout, with sinking, intermediate or floating lines depending on the season.).

Large rivers like Vindelälven: 9-10 foot rod, 5/7 weight, floating, intermediate and sinking lines normally fished across and down. Flies like Streamers are normally very productive. Possible bonus catches of the odd salmon, but normally brown trout and grayling dominate the catch.

Lake fishing for brown trout and char: 9-10 foot rod, 6/8 weight WF line, floating, intermediate, slow sink and rapid sink lines. Streamers, lures and midges.

Fly Sizes for River Fishing: Dry fly should generally be kept between size 10 - 14.
Nymph sizes between 8 and 16, same as Wet-fly sizes.

Fly Sizes for Lake Fishing: Streamer patterns are recommended in sizes 6 - 10.
Nymphs in sizes 10 - 18. Midge in sizes 12 - 20.
Wet fly patterns are recommended in sizes 10 - 16, caddis in 12 - 16.

Lake and river fishing for pike:

9 foot rods, 7/8 weight WF line, floating, intermediate, slow sink lines. Tinsel flies are convenient to use. Excessive water in the dressing is easily whipped away in a couple of swift false casts and also the movement of the tinsel in the water is utterly attractive to the pike.

Boat is practical in lakes whereas a belly boat (float tube) is preferred in the still areas of the rivers.

Fishing the coast for sea trout, pike and grayling:

9-9,5 foot rod, 6/8 weight, floating, intermediate and sinking, WF or shooting head lines. Flies like Streamers are normally very productive. Possible bonus catches of huge pike.

The grayling fishing in the sea is completely unique. Good areas are found around Holmön, Ratan and Norrbyn, also close to river mouths. Grayling in the sea are especially attracted by multiple flies on the leader. The classic wet flies at quite OK.



Please observe that the suggestions above are meant to be a small guide. For fishing with us in our other destinations in Scandinavia, please don't hesitate to call or mail for any questions.

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