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Cxech nymphs site

Czech nymphs have been famed for a long time. The first time I really got to see their effective use was is the 1989 World Fly Fishing Competition in Kuusamo, Finland. The fantastic performance made by the short-sticking Czechs and Poles was a revelation to us conservative Swedes. If I was to choose just one link for the whole year, this would be close to it. My Sincere Thanks to the Czech team that so willingly has let me and us all to learn so much from them.

See you on the waters. Harry.

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One of the famed tails of the pools for big troutI N V I T A T I O N
Welcome to the Southern Lapland River Guide's Site
We are proud to invite you
to the area that hosted the 2001 Fips Mouche Fly Fishing Competition and where we guided six of the teams (unfortunately limited by the number of participants we could accomodate at the same time)For the full program and selected info go here...
Prepared to help you fishingP R E S E N T A T I O N
Guide CV's
Within our crew in the Southern Lapland River Guides we are well prepared to help you fish in any of our destinations. You will be able to find specialists on salmon fishing, grayling fishing, wet and dry fly fishining, short line nymphing and much more. Please visit the Gude CV site where your guides are presented with a photo and a short bio.
safety on waterV E N U E S
In these waters were the XXI World Fly Fishing Competition held
Set in the semi-mountinous area between the swedish alps and the coast most waters are quite different from each other. Rivers vary from fairly slow flowing streams characterized by riffly runs and pools to anything with rock and gravel bottoms where mixtures of weedy and quieter areas and faster rocky broken waters support both grayling, brown trout and Atlantic salmon. Welcome to visit also still waters here with char,trout and pike.
Night fishing bring up the fishS U G G E S T I O N S
Practice program
The Västerbotten region is perhaps one of Swedish Southern Lapland's premier trout fisheries. A large number of streams, rivers, lakes and man made water reservoirs offer the fly fisher almost every conceivable challenge associated with their sport. Apart from trout, grayling, char and pike, the Atlantic salmon thrive here too. To read more click here!
One of the small creeksL O C A T I O N S
Host town for the XIX World Fly Fishing Championships
The competition was based in Lycksele which is 1,5 hours drive from Umeå and about 1-1,5 hours drive from the competition rivers. Some of the practice rivers were closer though and especially the teams in Bjurholm with the Southern Lapland River Guides had no longer than one half hour to any practice water. The Southern Lapland River Guides' practice program
T A C K L E & T I P S
Recommended Fly Tackle
A good trout hooked
For most of the trout fishing in the area an 8.5-9 foot rod, for a 4/5/6 weight, floating and intermediate line will do just fine. But for the frequent catches of Atlantic salmon and sea trout in most of the rivers in the area, we would suggest a two handed rod as an option. Pike fishing is again another story, but...
please go here for a closer look on different options
The Waters and the Crew gravel make for good spawning runs
There are numerous waters available for fly fishing in the area. Some exemples on the following site
To exemples on waters where you are guided by SLRG:s!

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