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The SLRG Practice Program

Below is an exemple on one of the all incluseve programs Southern Lapland River Guides can arrange. This is from an event when we arranged the preparations for more international teams than just one, for the World Fly Fishing Championships in Sweden.

We hope this illustrates our motto which is that we plan your trip as if we were going there ourselves.

one of the brownies we got

First teams arrived, (all transfers and lunch packs within the program) Sunday, August 5: , Welcome Dinner in Beaver Inn, Bjurholm. Free Fishing in Öre river. The Irish team choose to be guided by a SLRG guide around the Lycksele area for the whole period.

Monday, August 6: Practice Periods following the competition time program. Team USA in upper Lögde. Team Australia, Lögde Musselbank. Get Together.

Tuesday, August 7: Practice Periods cont. Team USA, Lower Lögde. Team Australia, Lapwater lake. Team New Zealand, Öre river.

Wednesday, August 8: Practice Periods cont. Team USA, Vindelriver. Team Australia, Lögde river, Brook pool. Team New Zealand, Lögde river, Ormagga pool.

Thursday, August 9: Team USA, Lögde river, Beaver pool. Team Australia, Vindel river. Team New Zealand, Lapwater lake.

Friday, August 10: Team USA, Wolf river. Team Australia, Lapwater lake. Team New Zealand, Vindel river. Team South Africa, Öre river. Team Canada, Lögde river, Ormagga pool.

Friday evening, concert in Bjurholm Church with Kryspin Biegniewski from the Norrköping Symphony orchestra and his very talented 7 year old daughter on violins with Ingrid Jonsson, headmaster of the Linköping Music Academy on piano. Banquet for all participants in Beaver Inn.

Saturday, August 11: Team USA, Lake Västansjön. Team Australia, Öre river, Provaker pool. Team New Zealand, Lögde river, Brook Pool. Team South Africa, Lapwater lake. Team Canada, Wolf river.

Sunday, August 12: Team USA, Lögde river, Musselbank pool. Team Australia, Wolf river. Team New Zealand, Lake Västansjön. Team South Africa, Vindel river. Team Canada, Lapwater lake.
Official information on the Hocksjön and Sörsjön lakes.

Monday, August 13: Team USA, Lapwater lake. Team Australia, Lake Västansjön. Team New Zealand, Wolf river. Team South Africa, Lögde river, Ormagga pool. Team Canada, Vindel river.

Monday night, farewell party hosted by Southern Lapland River Guides and a local tourist company, Bjurholm Turist AB, featured Sauna, wood heated hot tubes and local food like bear meat, reindeer and more at Gammelgården fishing Camp. All transfers Between Beaver Inn, Bjurholm and Gammelgården included.

Tuesday, August 14: All teams to competition lodgings in Lycksele.

Ps. we were able to find all items that got lost during the feast and return them to their owners. The last pair of glasses took us a couple of days to find, but were returned to the owner in time for the comp. Perhaps we don't have to say that the farewell party was a huge success for our guests.


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