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The Finger Whip

"Some years ago, I had the pleasure of being taught how to make that excellent finishing knot, the Whip Finish, with just my hands".

"For the avid fly fisherman searching for the right knot to match the hatch, this one tied just with the hands, is perfect. No need for any hassle with too many tools while stalking the trout. Even very small flies can be finished with this finger trick. You don't have to worry anymore about forgetting the traditional Whip Finish Tool when you know this finishing technique" says Harry Salmgren, inviting you to try it for yourself.

The sequence for tying the Whip Finish using only the fingers, is illustrated with photos below. To make the moves easier to see and understand the hook and thread are oversize and should be viewed in a flowing sequence.

Fig 1: After the first half hitches to secure the thread, two fingers(index and ring finger) are placed on the tight thread.

Fig 2: By keeping the fingers spread, the thread is doubled back so the thread forms a large tight loop with the help of the fingers.

Fig 3: By using the idex finger as the leading finger, the loop is threaded over the hook shank. The thread is kept taut with the other hand.

Fig 4: This will result in a half hitch and also will allow the outspread fingers and the hand to turn inside it back to the original position in the first figure (fig 1).

Fig 5: For additional turns of thread, just repeat the motions as shown in Figure 3 and 4. See below.

Fig 6: The ring finger and index finger wind the thread keeping the loop open with the fingers spread once again...

Fig 7: Every repetition results in a new turn of the thread.

Fig 8: Finish the rotating motions by sliding one of the fingers out of the loop. Then tighten the loop....

Fig 9: ...until it tightens completely. Trim off and finish with a drop of tying varnish.

This Finger Whip is fairly easy to learn.

See you by the waters, Harry

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