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Welcome to Southern Lapland River Guides.

Sweden offers a great number of more or less unexplored fishing waters. Their secrets are known to only a few very initiated anglers and guides. One area though is well known, where the first Swedish International fly fishing competition was fished in 1998 and also the 2001 World Fly Fishing Competition. In 2005 the competition returned. This time to the following waters: Lögdeälven, Juktån och Rödingträsket.

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Some anglers may know the lakes and tarns in the mountains stocked with fish carried by humans a long time ago. While some anglers may boast of the competition waters that later also saw both the 2004 European Fly Fishing Competition and the 2005 World Fly Fishing Competition.

But the completely pristine waters with wild fish spawning there after the last ice age, are such a thrill to find. Waters where the char and brown trout still today can offer a heart jolting take on the fly. Such waters our guides would love to let you fish.

Or the waters with the Atlantic salmon previously fighting for its survival that have been the anglers dream, now again invite you to exciting fly fishing, only C&R, mind you. You can also find the sea trout and big browns here.

With the help of a guide, knowledge, patience and carefulness can reward you in a moment on the river or lake with a pounding heart with the catch of your dreams within reach.

Our Service:

We are a highly personalized fly fishing guide service based in Sweden and are committed to providing the best experience possible for anglers seeking adventure on our waters.

From the secret creeks of the Highlands of Southern Sweden, from the giant sea trout in famed River EM to the salmon streams of the coastal Lapland and the char lakes in the alps, we've been there and can put together a trip for you that forever will remind you of our service. Our motto is that we'll plan every aspect of your trip as if we were going there ourselves.

The distinct advantage of utilizing our services is that you'll get up to the minute reliable information from staff members who have personally visited these facilities as well as professionally detailed trip planning.

Welcome to the venues of the Southern Lapland River Guides.

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